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au-then-tic, –adjective
1. not false or copied; genuine; real
2. having the origin supported by unquestionable evidence; authenticated; verified;
3. entitled to acceptance or belief because of agreement with known facts or experience; reliable; trustworthy;

Authentic Health Fitness Australia (AHFA)

At the heart of AHFA is our value to provide authentic knowledge and services in the health fitness industry. From resources grounded in trustworthy principles for peak human health, to our directory of only real and verified Australian businesses, - it is our mission to provide you with a one stop authentic health fitness solution.

While Australia may be under the perception that we are healthy and fit because we’re one of the best sporting countries, the reality is that we’re amongst the worst. Most Australians are not players but spectators. As the Australian Heart Foundation researched, 8 out of 10 adults are either physically inactive, overweight or have high blood pressure.

We have some of the worst statistics for illness and disease. Despite health awareness campaigns and talks, our health problems are actually increasing. Just have a look at these statistics:

  • Cardiovascular disease has increased from 17 % (2.2 million in 1989-90) to 21% (2.8 million in 1995). One in two Australian men and one in three women will develop coronary heart disease in their life and it now kills someone every 10 minutes.
  • Cancer risk is presently at one in three for men, and one in four for women. Close to 80,000 cancers are diagnosed each year, yet more than two thirds could have been avoided with simple lifestyle choices like not smoking, having a balanced diet and doing some exercise. It is also on the increase.
  • Diabetes affects more than 430,000 Australians out of a population of just 20 million. It kills thousands each year and affects many more with heart and kidney problems, strokes, loss of limbs and vision problems. It is also estimated that nearly 350,000 have diabetes but are unaware.
  • Osteoporosis affects one in two women, and one in three men over the age of 60 and the government expects that one in three hospital beds will be taken up by bone fractures in the coming decades.
  • Overweight and obese is the classification of 64% of adult men and 47% of adult women in Australia. Over the last decade, we have increase in size by 3.5kgs, with 69% of adults leading sedentary lifestyles.
  • Arthritis affects 3 million individuals or 15.4% of the population by 2001 research and is expected to rise to 18.6% in two decades time.

These are shocking statistics that require urgent and fresh solutions:
healthfitness.com.au is a dynamic and innovative eBusiness model designed to address this pressing need. We are committed to increasing the energy and expanding the lives of Australians and people worldwide, through health fitness knowledge, integrity and enthusiasm.

As the first independently owned health fitness web portal in Australia, healthfitness.com.au was created out of the need to sift through the ever-expanding array and most often contradictory health fitness information, and to promote the self-evident truths that prevent disease and increase the quality of life.

Like you may have already experienced, the field of health and fitness today is full of distortions, junk science, and marketing hype. Many things we are taught about health and fitness is often driven by making profits, rather than creating authentic health – increased energy and expanded life expectancy.

We aim to provide rational and scientifically based strategies and tools in the areas of health, fitness, resistance training and cardiovascular exercise, diet, nutrition, nutritional supplements, sport and mind-body connection, to expand life and increase energy.

Our health fitness philosophy is aimed at the drug-free individual. It is based on the scientific health principles that are long-term, holistic and create positive effects in body, mind and soul. We aim to walk our talk when it comes to health and educate by example how to actualize peak health & fitness.

We fulfill our mission by taking the time to do more listening than talking, looking at both sides of the story and always keeping a positive, open mind, whilst upholding the standards of science and ethics.

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Our Vision...

It is our vision that AHFA is a positive and powerful light in the development of authentic health fitness:

  • by connecting people with those products and services that facilitate soundness of body and mind
  • by educating people upon the strategies, principles and paradigms of holistic well being
  • by inspiring people to value themselves and participate in the habits that nurture strength and vigor in mind and body
  • by helping people to achieve their desired health fitness results in a way that is fun, positive and long lasting

It is our vision that through our work we’ll impact others in the pursuit of authentic health fitness in Australia and around the globe:

  • where individuals take responsibility for maximizing their health, and proactively creating their destiny
  • where modern medicine and current therapeutic practices find the right balance between the treatment of illnesses and the development of holistic and long lasting health
  • where illness is fundamentally uprooted rather than systematically and profitably managed with quick fix solutions and dependency
  • where all organizations strive to empower individuals and inspire them to reach their peak health fitness potential
  • where governments create ‘health policies’ that actually seek to create healthier people, rather than ‘passing the buck’ in the management of sickness

It is our vision that we continually walk the talk in the development of our own health and fitness, and lead by example.

Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founders

STEFAN Paul Angheli,
     Editor-in-Chief and Founder
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Stefan Angheli is the Editor-in-Chief of HealthFitness.com.au and Founder of Authentic Health Fitness Australia. Born in Focsani, Romania, he immigrated to Australia at age 10 with his mother and brother and was enrolled in Footscray Primary School in Melbourne. Showing an early interest in medicine, health and sports,

Stefan graduated from Caroline Chisholm Catholic College in Braybrook, a western suburb of Melbourne, with an offer to attend Swinburne University of Technology in Hawthorn to study Medical Biophysics and Instrumentation. Stefan finished his university degree at the end of 1999 and was awarded a Bachelor of Applied Science. During his university education, Stefan won a placement to attend the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), working in the Department of Physiology and Applied Nutrition in the Sports Science Sports Medicine building at the AIS in Canberra, Australia's elite sports and fitness institution, as a live in resident for an entire year.

He has since completed a Certified Personal Trainer course from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and currently holds the highly regarded Certified Sports and Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS) credential. Stefan is a professional member of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and the International Association for Sports Information (IASI). Stefan currently lives in the Melbourne beachside suburb of St Kilda. His hobbies include reading, business, sports, fitness, fasion and music.

Career Highlights:
• Bachelor of Applied Science (Medical Biophysics)
  Swinburne University, Hawthorn, Melbourne

• IBLS in Physiology and Applied Nutrition
  Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), Canberra
• Health and Fitness Director 2000
  Swinburne University, Hawthorn, Melbourne
• Clinical Educator
  Air Liquide Healthcare, Richmond, Melbourne

• Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS®)
  National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

Professional Memberships
• National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
• American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
• International Association for Sports Information (IASI)

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Health Fitness Team of Experts

Health Fitness Editors

STEFAN Angheli,

Editor of
High Performance Training
MARK Kovacs

Editor of
High Performance Sleep
TAHNEE Kinsman,
BAppSci, PhD Candidate

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MARK Kovacs

Bachelor Of Science (Exercise Science)
Auburn University (USA)

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

Certified ACSM Health Fitness Instructor
American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

Certified Endurance Sports Trainer (CEST)
National Endurance Sports Trainers Association (NESTA)

Certified Sports Nutritionist
American Muscle & Fitness Personal Training Institute (AMFPT)

Professional Memberships:
National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

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TAHNEE Kinsman, B.App.Sci (Medical Biophysics), PhD Candidate

Tahnee Dale began her career in sleep consultancy following a prestigious
Industry Learning Scholarship placement in the Physiology department at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. Having previously completed a degree in Medical Biophysics and Instrumentation at Swinburne University,

Melbourne in 1999, Tahnee commenced her Masters and then progressed quickly onto a PhD program. Her research focused on changes in the sleep of athletes when exposed to different atmospheric conditions. While completing her sleep research, she also worked in a private sleep clinic gaining clinical experience in treating patients for sleep apnoea.

Over the past four years Tahnee has acted as an advisor and media spokesperson for the Australian Institute of Sport on issues relating to 'sleep'. Some of her interviews have been featured on 'The 7.30 Report', ABC National Radio and 'Good Morning Australia'. Tahnee has a keen interest in promoting the awareness of sleep disorders and strives to help people enhance their mental and physical performance, along with their quality of life, by improving their sleep.

Career Highlights:
• Bachelor of Applied Science (Medical Biophysics)
  Swinburne University, Hawthorn, Melbourne

• IBLS in Physiology and Applied Nutrition
  Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), Canberra

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