How Melbourne health fitness clubs and gyms use the Internet to...

               retain more of their members

                     ...and even attract qualified new members.

How for the cost of a protein bar a day,
your business can

save $435.70 every 2 months.

Dear Friend,

If your health club is not on the Internet, your business is missing out on the most powerful and cost effective advertising, marketing and customer service tool of the 21st century. If your business is on the Internet stick around and find out whether you are making the most of this incredible business tool.

Now, your health and fitness business can strengthen customer relationships to improve member retention, and greatly improve your chances of attracting qualified, new members. And do it all, while actually saving you thousands of dollars per year.

What makes us experts at health and fitness club Internet development and design?

We walk the walk AND talk the talk.

We've currently currently working with other health and fitness clubs and gyms in Melbourne, Australia doing exactly that.

Hello, my name is Stefan Angheli, CSCS, editor of, scientist, health fitness coach, founder and Managing Director of the AHFA network.
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Authentic Health Fitness Australia has been working on the Internet for about the last 2 years. In that time over 20,000 Australian websites closed down, despite a continual increase in household Internet coverage, now in over one in two homes. We've not only manage to survive but in fact thrive.
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We have designed the first Internet package for health and fitness clubs that focuses on improving member retention and utilizes your best customers to grow your business.

3 Time President of Fitness Victoria, a government initiated, non profit fitness organization, David Jordan, chosen our Internet package for his own health club, in Melbourne, The Ridge Health Club.

David has been a Board Member of Fitness Victoria for the last 5 years, President 3 times, part owner of a few health clubs and has been involved with the industry for close to 20 years.

This is what David Jordan has to say about our services...

Anyone contemplating a website for their health club needs to talk to Stefan, from

Stefan has incredible knowledge and skills which he translates into an exciting, functional and personal website. He provides great service at a very affordable price.

In fact his service is awesome and his assistance and genuine interest is excellent.

If you have been considering a website for a while and wondering how to get through the myriad of information available on websites, then you need to call Stefan!

David Jordan

3 Time President of Fitness Victoria,
Owner The Ridge Health Club


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We are NOT Web Designers.
We go so much deeper than that.

We don't just hand you a site, host it and say good luck, the cheque is in the mail. We're there to truly provide you with,

"Internet ideas growing your health fitness business".

That, in fact is our business motto. We've been working on this idea for over a year, and spoken to many health and fitness club offers, we have created a total package specifically for health and fitness clubs.

Our business allows you to take full advantage of the power of the Internet, so that your health club can take advantage of these unique benefits. Benefits that only complete Internet packages can provide and some exclusive to our business. (...and hopefully yours)

Benefit 1. Attract new members to your health club from the Internet.

The Internet is now present in one out of every 2 Australian homes and still growing daily. Even further coverage when considering most are using it daily at work. People are using the convenience of the Internet to search for things. Aside from email, searching in the most popular activity on the Internet.

Benefit 2. Boost sales of your lacking services and even products by selling to your best customers.

Usually, the only reason some services aren't receiving the clients they deserve is because they are not effectively promoted within your club. Paper and postage is very expensive not to mention time consuming. Using your Internet site you could instantly remind people of the benefits of this service and make them special offers. When you do that, you inevitably boost sales.

Benefit 3. Increase the effectiveness of all your advertising and promotional material.

A web address and email allows you to reach more customers, since the Internet has opened the door to non threatening sales.

By simply displaying your Internet address everywhere possible (your printed stationary, building, promotional events, radio, etc) you can now reach those clients that may not have the opportunity, or confidence to contact your health club.

An Internet address is quickly becoming more popular than the telephone.

Benefit 4. Save $435.70 per 2 months, while actually increasing the number of member contact letters and offers.

Every letter sent to a member usually costs your business around 47 cents in postage, paper and envelope.

X Health Club we're working with has 927 members. Send them each a Christmas card or membership renewal form, that's an almost $500 dollar expense. Do that two or three times and we're already talking thousands. And we won't even include the time needed to set up, print and mail these.

Switching to email will enable you to send more letters to further help your members and ultimately improve sales and customer relationships. You'd be surprised how many of your clients have an email address.

Benefit 5. Make public announcements to your members instantly and easily…Cost to you ….FREE!

Now all you need to make an announcement or an offer is a few clicks away. This will save you time, money and as you'll find out, even make you money.

Benefit 6. Improve the performance of your phone system and customer service.

We all know that the majority of calls to your health club are of the same nature and some unncescessary. They may also prevent others from making more important calls. So free up your receptionists, and give them more time to improve customer relationship management.

Benefit 7. Make money from your site by selling advertising space on your website.

With our advertising opportunity, you can have someone else pay for your monthly fees by selling advertising space on your site. Considering that the market area your clients are in is very specific in terms of location and demographics other businesses can advertise there. It's like turning your visitors into real cash.

Benefit 8. Make money directly through the power of a club newsletter.

By having a newsletter and the email addresses of your members, you can then have contact with them and remind them of your services and club changes. You can also use it to directly promote monthly specials on products and services. So every time you send a newsletter, some definite sales will occur in the following days directly because of this newsletter.

Setting up a newsletter can even directly make you money everytime, guaranteed. We will show you how!

How do we do what we say we do?

DOUBLE DARE: Use the following as a checklist to see whether your Internet specialist can deliver all these unique features:
                (We seriously doubt it!)

1. Personalized Internet address for your health club (

2. Personalized email for you and your staff reflecting your Internet address.

3. Premium Webhosting with 99.5% Uptime Guarantee

4. Group fitness timetable that is easily and securely updateable by you or your staff, without any computer knowledge.

5. One full page per health fitness service offered at your club.

6. Personal trainers can receive one page and personalized email

7. Internet development with award winning graphic design.

8. Site includes fitness resources regularly written and updated by certified experts

9. Provide your members with a 24 hr Question and Answer Support Line

10. Public Message Board for you health club so your members can interact.

11. Chat room to meet other members, staff and local community.

12. Email marketing capabilities and the potential to save thousands of dollars.

13. Directory listed across major search engines such as Netscape Search, AOL Search, Google, Lycos, HotBot, DirectHit and many others.

14. You get listed on the FIRST page in your area, in Australia's online health fitness directory. Already the most visited health and fitness website in Australia.

15. An always expanding list of fitness resources and tools that we regularly incorporate into your gym's website.

So your health and fitness business can now strengthen customer relationship and improve customer service.

      Your business can work at improving member retention.

           Your business can attract qualified, new members.

And yes, we do it all, while actually saving your business thousands of dollars per year.

So, what's the price of this all this?
(Or as we like to call it, "investment fee")

Our pricing strategy has been formed so that the initial investment is unbelievably low and the monthly fee is well within the reach of most health fitness clubs.

We also have no minimum monthly contract term.
This is a first, certainly in Australia.

We back it all up with a solid satisfaction guarantee.

Option 1. High Performance Internet Package
Initial Investment: $597 (inc 10% GST)

Monthly Investment:
Includes Webhosting and Updates, support and Internet ideas to maximise investment.

Option 2. Elite Performance Internet Package
Initial Investment: From $1097 (inc 10% GST)
Monthly Investment:
Includes Webhosting and Updates, extensive support and Internet ideas to maximise investment.
From $99  


With no contract or minimum contract period. Others promise you the world and then lock you into a 12 month contract. Not anymore.

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So all you need to get your health and fitness club online is about $600 and then a mere $20 per week.

Or $2.75 per day.
That's less than the price of most protein bars.

Prices is subject to change without notice.

100 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
I would also like to give you my personal 100 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee
to help ease any uncertainties.
You'll find most Internet packages do not offer a guarantee, and the very few that do, only offer it for 30 days. Try asking a web designer for a money back guarantee, and you'll find he'd rather give you his brand new sportscar.

Price Freeze Guarantee
We all know of those deals that are set up with introductory fees just to get us interested and once involved, they jack up the price. We guarantee that as long as you stay a customer, you'll always pay the same low monthly fee you paid, the very first time you joined. Guaranteed!

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Also, fill out the expression of interest form right now and guarantee yourself $575.50 in these fantastic bonuses, absolutely FREE:

Act now and basically get back most of the setup fee right here and now, if you act now.

BONUS 1. Full color and laminated posters A2, A3 and A4 sizes (6 in total) designed to advertise your new web address and club logo inside your club. (Valued at $157.50)
These posters are individually printed and designed by the highly regarded Stone and Partners Design in Prahran. (One look and you will be convinced as to why.)

BONUS 2. Digital Video of your health club, including shooting, optimization and hosting. (Valued at $148)
Up to 4 shots of video footage that is able to be viewed in the free Real Player by anyone with even the slowest of connections. (Only available in Melbourne or Sydney)

BONUS 3. Advertising component and software, including one banner ad design. (Valued at $270)
With our advertising opportunity, someone else pay for your monthly fees, by selling advertising space on your site. We will charge extra for this component but for now, it's free.

Thank-you for your time and I sincerely hope this letter has at least shed some light on how the Internet can grow your business in a way you never though possible. Please feel free to contact me at anytime.

I assure you that together we can not only live up to the promises made above, but do so much more.

Yours sincerely,

Stefan Angheli, CSCS

PS. Order now so you can guarantee yourself the low price and the fantastic bonuses.

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3. Email us at .

Outside Melbourne? No problem.

We service health fitness clubs and gyms Australia wide and International.

Outside Australia or International? Yes, we can help!
Even greater news for US customers. Please note that you automatically get a 50 % discount due to our low trading Australian dollar.
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