The first Internet package to focus on ...

  Improving health club member retention,

  Saving your business thousands of dollars per year
while also,
    Attracting new members.

Authentic Health Fitness Australia (AHFA) was created in mid 2000 to provide Internet ideas and solutions to the health fitness industry. Our business moves way beyond Internet design and simple "brochure" websites, as we have strategically looked at cost effective ways health and fitness centres can take full advantage of the power of the Internet.

Only AHFA Internet Packages have been specifically designed to bring health fitness clubs these benefits, some of them exclusive to this offer:

Attract more members to the health club now the Internet is present in at least 1 out of every two homes, even more with work.

Help members reach their goal by providing effective health fitness advice and support and you'll probably have them as a member for life.

Boost sales of your lacking services and products by selling to your best customers.

Create a community atmosphere and strengthen club loyalty.

Increase the effectiveness of all advertising and promotional material.

Save thousands of dollars per year in printing and postage costs while actually increasing the number of contact letters and offers.

Your club's group fitness timetable are live 24 hours a day, with fully updateable and secure interface

Make public announcements to club members instantly and with ease, and cost…Free!

Improve the performance of your phone system and increase customer service.

Make money from your site by selling advertising space on your website.

We are confident that we have the right internet solutions for your health and fitness club. We challenge anyone to find a health fitness business website with more features and functionality. That's why we offer a 100 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.The AHFA service/product:

Outlined in the following pages are the two Internet packages that we have created specifically for health and fitness centres


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All AHFA Internet Packages come with…

1. Personalized and memorable Internet address (
2. Personalized email for you and your staff promoting your web address.
3. Premium Web hosting with one of the world's great webhosts.
4. Internet design and development for your health club with award winning graphic design.
5. Group fitness timetable that is easily and securely updateable by you or your staff. (Elite Package only)
6. Health fitness resources regularly written and updated by certified experts.
7. 24 hr Question and Answer Support Line via Discussion Board
8. Public Message Board for you health club with auto email response.
9. Chat room to meet other members, staff and local community.
10. Email marketing capabilities and the potential to save thousands of dollars.
11. Digital photography and movies, showing club services are optimized and Internet friendly.
12. An expanding list of FREE resources to add to your site. An Exercise Library and Diet Reviews are already on the drawing board. As the Internet expands, so will your site.
13. Directory listed across major search engines such as Netscape Search, AOL Search, Google, Lycos, HotBot, DirectHit and many others.
14. Listed on the FIRST page in your area, in Australia's online health fitness directory, located at and you get to keep that high listing forever.

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Also, fill out the expression of interest form right now and guarantee yourself $575.50 in these fantastic bonuses absolutely free:

BONUS 1. Full color and laminated posters A2, A3 and A4 sizes (6 in total) designed to advertise your new web address and club logo in your club. (Valued at $157.50)

BONUS 2. Digital Video of your health club, including shooting, optimization and hosting. (Valued at $148) (Melbourne and Sydney only)

BONUS 3. Advertising component and software, including one banner ad design is included. (Valued at $270) Thank-you for your time and I sincerely hope this letter has at least shed some light on how the Internet can grow your business in a way you never though possible. I assure you that together we can not only live up to the promises made above, but do so much more.

Yours sincerely,

Stefan Angheli, CSCS

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