How do we do what we say we do?

What it really takes to own a functional and successful website that actually works for your business.

1. Personalized Internet address for your health club

This allows you to display your memorable address to members and potential members. And I assure you it won't be nothing like or
It will be appropriate, and more importantly, memorable.

2. Personalized email for you and your staff.

Your personalized email acts as advertising for your health club Internet site. So the more you email the more you advertise your business. I've seen many health clubs with an Internet address, only to advertise Telstra as their email. Ie. Believe me, Telstra Bigpond doesn't need help with their advertising.

3. Premium Web hosting

Our web host is Interland, Inc. (NASDAQ: INLD) Inc. a US firm that is, the leading provider of business-class web hosting and is now the largest webhost in the world.

These Internet servers are kept in rooms, under strict air conditioning and have finger scan security, so your health club's assets are protected. With that kind of reputation, it's not hard to see why our servers are fast and reliable, and comes with a 99.5% uptime guarantee.

4. One page per health fitness service offered at your club.

Allows your club to clearly display your services such as gym equipment, pool, circuit, massage, yoga, etc. and educate your members and potential members about your services and their benefits.

5. Personal trainers can receive one page and personalized email

This automatically advertises your site and it's address. It also helps with promoting your personal trainer's experience and credentials to inform your members. This makes selling this service much easier.

6. Internet development with award winning graphic design.

The graphic designing studio we used for our web design is the winner of 4 Australian Graphic Design Awards in 2000 alone and works with clients such as Kraft Foods and other multi-million dollar companies. Our site has also won the Golden Web Award by the International Association of Webmasters and Designers.

7. Site includes fitness resources regularly written by certified experts

If the information on your website is not updated frequently and doesn't have helpful health fitness information, your site will not get used regularly. At the very least, your best customers need to use the Internet site, or your website will be a financial drain for your company and can cost you thousands per year. After all, your members aren't going to go online just to see your ads and gym brochure.

8. Provide your members with a 24 hr Question and Answer Support Line

What better way to further help your member reach their various goals than by providing answers to their questions. Another option is to let our expert team, which are at least university educated, do that for you,... or your club's personal trainers can also take care of it, for that extra special service.

9. Public Message Board for you health club so your members can interact.

Just like your off-line message board, which is probably filled with various display messages, your online board will allow you and you members to make announcements, find a new training partner, a trainer, even sell things,... with ease. This message board is so smart that it even emails you once someone replies.

10. Chat room to meet other members, staff and local community.

A chat room will allow your members to mingle like never before. Since it's anonymous and completely safe, you'll find your members strengthening their relationships with each other and create increased club loyalty.

11. Full Email marketing capabilities and the potential to save thousands of dollars.

Not only do we give you personalized email but we also give you the option to mass email your members with exciting offers and helpful tips. Keeping in regular contact with your members will strengthen your relationship with them, remind them of your wonderful services and boost sales. We even give you the option to collect these email address directly from your site thus giving you database capabilities.

12. Group fitness timetable that is easily and securely updateable by you or your staff.

This is the only fitness timetable on the Internet that can be changed by you or your staff, easily and instantly. Without it, you would have to call up the webmaster or have prior web knowledge. We have secured Australian rights to this service and have included it in our elite package. (This service alone is normally sold for $20 US or $40 Australian per month. Please see for details.)

13. Web site graphics and photos are optimized so your site loads fast.

We all know how frustrating it is to wait for a page to load. Studies show most users won't wait longer than 10 seconds for a page to load, so it's imperative your website is optimized. Our Internet packages load fast and get seen by users with all modem speeds and is resizeable to automatically fit all monitor sizes.

14. Your Internet site is optimized so that your website is search engine friendly, meaning your business get found by potential customers.

Nothing is worse than spending hours and potentially thousands of dollars (well…not with us anyway) on building a website that cannot be found. This can stem from at least 5 sources, which we recognize, and tackle head on and make sure you're Internet business is found amongst the top of the listings.

15. Directory listed across major search engines such as Netscape Search, AOL Search, Google, Lycos, HotBot, DirectHit and many others.

The Internet is a level playing field since a user may prefer to use one search engine or directory over another, and just as easily switch to another site.

This should tell you that in order to get found by potential clients you have to diversify and list in many search engines and directories. We list your business in 5 out of the top 10 global search engines and some local ones.

16. You get listed on the FIRST page in your area, in Australia's online health fitness directory.

Located at, the Health Fitness Directory will list you and your website on the first page. Put your faith in us and register early and you get to keep that high listing forever. We already are the most popular health and fitness website in Australia. So get in now, and profit later.

17. An always expanding list of resources we regularly incorporate into your gym's website.

We are, and will be, working on an expanding list of FREE resources we can add to your site. An Exercise Library and Diet Reviews are already on the drawing board. As the Internet expands, and it's expanding so rapidly we can't even begin to tell you how the Internet will impact your business. And impact it, it will.

Warning to health and fitness club owners and managers:

Use the above checklist to not only avoid Internet failure, but fully secure the benefits that the Internet can deliver.

Your health club's Internet site must have most of the above features present if it is to be successful or else it can cost your business dearly.

Australian Bureau of Statistics studies show that while the number of Internet users is always increasing, with over 1.2 million subscribers in Melbourne alone, the number of Australian business Internet sites have decreased. So compared to one year ago, there are now more users but less websites. WOW!

What Internet development specialist would tell you that Internet sites have been failing?
Most would tell you that the Internet is the wonder of the ages and will solve all your problems.
We say, "Be careful!"

The Internet can be costly and ineffective if you neglect the above mentioned factors. People won't stand for a site that takes but never gives. Yet this is exactly how most health clubs have designed their sites.

Don't worry though. We're the health fitness Internet business experts.
Our complete Internet package has all the important features as standard, so you health club can fully benefit from the Internet.

Features such as chat, message board and email can be purchased from just about any good web designer BUT there are some powerful features and benefits exclusive to our business:

Expert guided Q&A Discussion Board, acts like a support line

Expert written health fitness articles and resources that are regularly updated on your site.

Listing in leading search engines and directories. We list your health club in Google, Netscape Search, AOL Search, Lycos, HotBot, DirectHit and many others.

1st page Directory listing in Australia's online health fitness directory located at (Valued at $225.50)

Group fitness timetable that is live 24 hours and fully updateable by your staff.

Email marketing with database capabilities

Ever expanding list of services and tools, that are yours free.

Ability to sell online advertising space on your web site.

Partner with health fitness Internet experts and enjoy award winning graphic design and prompt support.

So, what's our price? (Or as we'd like to call it, "Investment fee")

Our pricing strategy has been formed so that the initial investment is low and the monthly fee is well within the reach of all health fitness clubs. We have no monthly contracts or minimum contract term. This is a first, certainly in Australia.

Already own a business website?

Why not evaluate it by an AHFA consultant and improve its performance and effectiveness.

AHFA Consultants have successfully made Australia's most popular health and fitness website. We have the know-how to do it for you.

Don't pay these ridiculous Internet design and development fees:
Set-up and Design Fees: $750 at least (to $5,000+)
(...even if you get it at mates rates)
Add-on Internet Software: $495 US Chat Room
$75 US Message Board
$85 US Form & email marketing
NB. This does not include installation fees which are needed to set-up and test this software. (Most likely your average web designer won't even know how to begin installing these.)
Ongoing Monthly Fees: $7 $160 per 2 years
$10 Email
$35 Web Hosting
$40 Group Fitness Timetable
Minimum price elsewhere: $1500 + Set-up and Design Fees
$92 Ongoing Monthly Fees:
This still basic Internet site, as compared to the complete package designed by AHFA, would cost you starting from at least $1000 in initial design fees, and monthly fees starting from $90. (And believe me, this is still a great price to pay for an Internet site.)

I hope you can see this Internet package, still lacks priceless Internet services that we provide at no extra cost. We also provide you with these services at no extra cost:

Expert guided Q&A Discussion Board, acts like a support line
Expert written health fitness articles and resources
Listing in search engines and directories such as Netscape Search, AOL Search, Google, Lycos, HotBot, DirectHit and many others.
1st page Directory listing in Australia's online health fitness directory located at (Valued at $99 per year)
Email Marketing with database capabilities.
Ever expanding list of services and tools, that are yours free
Ability to sell online advertisements in your web site.
Partner with health fitness Internet experts and enjoy award winning graphic design and prompt support.

  With no contract or minimum contract period. Others such as Citysearch and Yellowpages promise you the world and then lock you into a 12 month contract. Well not anymore, with AHFA.

I would also like to give you my personal 100 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee to help ease any uncertainties. (Again, this is a first in Internet development packages.)

You'll find most Internet packages do not offer a guarantee, and those that do, only offer it for 30 days. Try asking a web designer for a money back guarantee, and you'll find he'd rather give you his brand new sportscar.

Price Freeze Guarantee: We all know of those deals that are set up with introductory fees just to get us interested and once involved, they jack up the price. Well, not with AHFA.
We guarantee that as long as you stay a customer, you'll always pay the same low monthly fee you paid, the very first time you joined. Guaranteed!

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BONUS 1. Full color and laminated posters A2, A3 and A4 sizes (6 in total) designed to advertise your new web address and club logo in your club. (Valued at $297.50)
These posters are individually printed and laminated with health fitness action shots and have been designed by the highly regarded Stone and Partners Design in Prahran. (One look and you should be convinced as to why.)

BONUS 2. Digital Video of your health club, including shooting, optimization and hosting. (Valued at $198)
Up to 4 shots of video footage that is able to be viewed in the free Real Player by anyone with even the slowest of connections.

BONUS 3. Advertising component and software, including one banner ad design. (Valued at $290)
With our advertising opportunity, you can have someone else pay for your monthly fees, by selling advertising space on your site. We normally charge extra for this component since we know it can have a huge impact but for now, it's free.

Thank-you for your time and I sincerely hope this letter has at least shed some light on how the Internet can grow your business in a way you never though possible.

I assure you that together we can not only live up to the promises made above, but do so much more.

Yours sincerely,

Stefan Angheli, CSCS
Founder and Editor-in-chief,

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