Abdominal Leg Raises (Bent knee)    

Main muscles involved: Psoas Major, Psoas minor, Iliacus, Rectus Abdominus

Most Suitable for: Sport Specific Training and Advanced Exercisers seeking variety in their training

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Starting Position
Lie on your back with your knees slightly flexed and feet barely thouching the floor. Your hands should be at your side and your head looking straight up. Make sure the lower back is firmly pressed into the floor.
TIP: This exercise involves the hip flexor muscles. These are already developed muscles and situated deep in your abdominal wall and cannot be seen. It is thus not recommended for achieving health fitness.
Concentric Movement - Beginner Mid Point
Keeping your feet and heels together, rise your legs off the floor keeping a slight knee bend. Curl your feet and legs upwards bringing them closer to the middle of your body.
TIP: Use a smooth motion and never jerk off the floor. If involved in sport training this can be performed faster.
Advanced Mid Point
For people with advanced flexibility and for added variety, it is possible to come up further and buttocks to come slightly off the ground.

TIP: For sport training repetition speed may be important so you may want to move extremely quickly throught the various stages of the exercise.
Eccentric Movement - Lowering Phase
Lower your feet and legs by allowing them to uncurl under your complete control. Your lower back and buttocks should stay in the same position, in contact with the floor.
TIP: This is an important part of the movement and must be performed under your strict control. Your body must not be allowed to simply drop back to the floor. Increasing the lowering phase to longer than 4 seconds is not recommended and may cause unnecessary muscle damage.
End Position - ready for next rep

Return to the starting position with your head facing upwards. And repeat.

For maximum abdominal benefits and exercise effectiveness...

Use proper form under your complete and deliberate control.
Perform low to medium reps (10-20) and practice progression.
Lower your bodyfat level so you can see your well defined abs through aerobic exercise and healthy diet modifications.

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