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Your expanding library of fitness exercise ideas and correct resistance training techniques.

Proper exercise technique is often overlooked and sometimes underrated, yet it's a vitally important part of training. Educate yourself on the health fitness way to correct exercise technique that will have you training for life. Because why else would you be training?

Exercise Library Articles
Exercise Technique and it's critical importance.
by the Editor-in-Chief, Stefan Angheli,CSCS
The Exercise Library

The exercise library starts off with... everyone's favorite..
abdominal exercise training. More exercises to come.

  Abdominal Exercises

Exercise 1
- Beginner

The abdominal bent knee crunch

Exercise 2
- Intermediate

The abdominal bent knee crunch

Exercise 3
- Advanced

The abdominal bent knee crunch

Exercise 4
Most recommended for sports specific training or advanced.

Abdominal leg raises

Friendly Warning: This exercise library is not a fitness program, meaning that you don't need to do all of these exercises. Everyone is different and so are their abdominal needs. Some can handle all the exercises while others may need to do just one exercise - consistently and progressively.
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