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3 options for all businesses and budgets.

An e-mail address allows you to communicate with your customers, and potential customers more effectively, more often, and without costing you any money. This allows you to strengthen customer relationships (more on this later), open new avenues of communication to potential clients, and gives everyone an extra, non-threatening option to contact you and your business.

In order for e-mail to be "business growing" you need to advertise it to all your clients and potential clients. This therefore must include your business cards, your letter head and virtually all your advertising.

It is therefore an advantage to have an e-mail address that is both appropriate to your business and easy to remember. So e-mail addresses such as fuzzywasy12@hotmail.com or johnem@bigpond.net.au, are not only inappropriate and hard to remember, but will also make your business look unprofessional. Another disadvantage is that by advertising these emails you are actually also advertising Microsoft and Telstra. Trust me, they don't need it. Your business does.

What are your options?

Option 1. Domain Name Plus Webhosting

Get a business Internet address which is called a Domain Name. When owning a domain, most often called mybusiness.com or mybusiness.com.au you can choose to host it and then with most webhosts you can get personalised e-mail that matches and advertises your business Internet address.

For example, if your purchased the domain name above, mybusiness.com, you can get yourname@mybusiness.com and, depending on your webhosts e-mail restrictions, you may also want others such as info@mybusiness.com or sales@mybusiness.com. These are called POP3 E-mail and are actual emails addresses, are stored on your server and come with as much storage as you're willing to pay for.

So you can have your own domain name right here, right now by clicking the link below. We have teamed up with the best to give you great features and hard to beat prices.

Cost? from $19 US or less than $40 AU for .com/.net/.org
plus webhosting which starts from about $20 US (more on this soon)

Click here to check the availability of your business domain name.

Option 2. Domain Name Plus E-mail Forwarding

This option allows you to reserve your Internet business address (Domain Name) by purchasing it for at least one year. It then allows you to receive Emails at your personalised Internet business address without webhosting. For some, such as a ".com.au", the minimum registration term is set as two years. Registering your name ensures that no one else can register it and you have taken your first step into an Internet venture.

Once your business Internet address is registered, your registrar should give you access to your own domain name control panel. We know the registrar we recommend (but not all) indeed allows you to change your details and the features relating to your domain name with a management account panel. One feature that allows you to receive e-mail at the @mybusiness.com domain you purchased, WITHOUT WEBHOSTING is called E-mail Forwarding.

Once your domain name is secured, from your account management control panel, you can purchase and activate e-mail fowarding at your domain. This is an inexpensive way to have personalised e-mail thus promoting your business and it's web address AND enables you to reserve your business domain name.

So you can have every e-mail sent to your reserved domain "@mybusiness.com" redirect to an existing FREE E-mail address, such as FitnessMail.NET. So you need check only one e-mail address, yet you can seemingly have different personalised e-mail address. This give your company the perception of being bigger, more professional and allows you to taylor e-mails for different purposes.

So you can have various emails for various purposes, for example, help@mybusiness.com, sales@mybusiness.com, info@mybusiness.com, joe@mybusiness.com OR whatever ...so you can therefore advertise different emails and yet you are always advertising your domain name mybusiness.com.

This can also be used to check the effectiveness of your advertising. How? Simply advertise a particular e-mail address that you have never advertised elsewhere on your ads. Offer people something worthwhile from your business and tell them to e-mail you at this unique e-mail address. So once e-mail keep rolling in, you can see how many emails came from this particular source and thus test advertising effectiveness.

Cost? Starting from $34 US OR less than $68 AU.
(With these low prices, it's sad to see many businesses advertising hotmail or telstra.)

Click here to check the availability of your domain name & E-mail forwarding

Option 3. FREE E-mail for your business @fitnessmail.net

Now we have made it possible for your business to have a memorable and appropriate Internet address for your business. With FITNESSMAIL.NET, you, your business, and even your clients can have FREE e-mail addresses with a huge 3MB storage space.

Others, such as Hotmail, only offers 2MB, not to mention that they may be inappropriate and unoriginal for your business. FitnessMAIL spells fitness and mail so it's appropriate and yet still has all the features of the bigger FREE e-mail companies. It even has a downloadable program that once installed can automatically log in and notify you of any new emails.

With FitnessMail.NET , it is now possible to have personalised e-mail such as mybusiness@fitnessmail.net or joe.mybusiness@fitnessmail.net and sam.mybusiness@fitnessmail.net all for FREE. This gives your health fitness business an E-mail Address that is appropriate, original, and most likely, easier to remember.

Cost? FREE (for as many E-mails as you like)

Click here to get your FITNESSMAIL.NET e-mail account


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