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E-mail Address Ideas authentic health fitness australia

An e-mail address allows you to communicate with your customers, and potential customers, more effectively, more often, and without costing you any money.

This allows you to strengthen customer relationships (more on this later), open new avenues of communication to potential clients, and gives everyone an extra, non-threatening option to contact you and your business.

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Internet business name ideas

A business Internet address, called a domain name is your first step to an online presence. A domain name will allow you to have your very own web site live on the Internet. It is the place where all of your Internet files are stored for viewing, thus creating your own web site.

A website has all the benefits of e-mail but is much more powerful and profitable to you and your business. It gives you the benefit of strengthening customer relationships, helping your business attract more clients and having a salesman there 24 hours a day. If done appropriately, it can do much more, such as saving your business thousands of dollars and even make you money directly. (If you would like to discover what the Internet can do for your health fitness business, by someone who is already doing it, please click here.)

A personalized Internet address must be short, memorable and appropriate for your business.

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Internet Web hosting Ideas

Web hosting on the Internet should allow your business to host all of your website's files for viewing. These can be pictures, text, video and other languages that gives your website interactivity and even database capabilities.

The word "should" is used above because, like most things, not all webshosts are created equal. There are many features that need to be present before choosing a webhost. Reliability and speed are perhaps the most important aspects of a good webhost but a great webhost offers a whole lot more.

Web hosts that offer limited support, provide little e-mail capabilities and have no tests to monitor your website's uptime, let alone offer a guarantee on it, will leave you frustrated and makes your business look unprofessional. And if you plan to sell things such as products, services or advertising, a solid webhost is a must, because without one, your business will literally be losing money. Web Hosting
(You won't go anywhere else for webhosting)
Web Design and Development

An Internet site is only as good as it's content and interactive features. This is the place where you can add cool and useful features to your website, and do it all for FREE. This allows your website to be more useful and inevitably more popular.

And we've made it so that you can have these features for FREE, for EVER, and with limited or no Internet experience. And you do it all with no popups and most with no "link out"s from your site, which keeps your clients on your site and we ensure your business branding remains. While you may find these features elsewhere, we challenge you to find them with our lax conditions.

Features you can add to your website for FREE are:

1. Chat Room (Private for YOUR clients)
2. Free Unlimited E-mail for your clients
3. Discussion Boards (with login and e-mail notification)
4. Message Boards (with e-mail notification)
5. Guestbooks (with e-mail notification)

Plus, more to come...

Health Fitness Directory

Health Fitness Gyms

Personal Trainers

Wellbeing Centres

Martial Arts Centres

Massage Therapy

Yoga Centres

Pilates Fitness

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Fitness Internet Business

Education on business planning, Internet marketing, search engines, customer relationship, profitable affiliate programs and everything you want know about the Internet and getting your business there.

"Information and more importantly knowledge, are absolutely necessary when venturing out into an unknown environment. Thus the following e-book may be the best tool for creating an effective and profitable business website. I know its greatly impacted our business."
Stefan Angheli, editor

Don't let the fact that it's completely FREE fool you. It's an extremely informative and very enjoyable to read e-book, that could have easily been for sale. Once you understand what Dr Ken Evoy's ideas and principles are all about, you'll hopefully begin to see why.

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Internet Software Basics

Virus Scanner

An essential tool for anyone surfing the Internet and receiving emails.

Please don't wait until your computer gets striked down. Check out these startling statistics...

Over 3,000 new computer viruses were detected in the first six months of 2002 alone1.

Klez H is the worlds biggest computer virus, infecting one in every 300 emails2. This is equivalent to about 20,000 copies sent every day.

Install one of the truly world's best Virus Scanner today and your computer will be protected. McAfee comes with constant anti-virus updates which are absolute must, knowing that new viruses are written daily. Some viruses are so smart they don't even need executing and can disable your virus scanner, particularly if it's an old one.

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1. Nua Internet Surveys Jul 02 2002
2. BBC Online Network May 28 2002

Make money with your web site

Affiliate programs are a fantastic way to make money with your website. It's like turning your visitors into real cash without any risk whatsoever. Usually there's no joining fee and you simply place coded links or "bits of text" on your website promoting a product, service or website. Advertisers usually pay you every month and you earn a healthy commission on products sold of about 5 - 25% of the product value. The affiliate program below will pay you monthly and in US dollars.

Click the link below and find products and advertisers most relevant to your business. And you may want to leave out the advertisers that may compete directly with your business. :)

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