Low fat eating may still not be enough to lose weight. Eat high fiber also.   apples are low fat high fiber

What type of diet loses body fat best, is a question asked by millions world wide. Some will tell you that protein is the magic ingredient, others, that low fat. Doctors Yao and Roberts from Tufts University reviewed 25 scientific studies than dealt with diet and weight loss. They specifically looked at how these diets when manipulating dietary fat, fiber and water content, affected hunger, satiety (how full you feel) as well as energy intake and body weight.

They found that lower energy dense foods, such as those low in fat and high in fiber, in the short term, reduces hunger and promotes satiety. Foods low in fat and high in fiber are called low energy not because they will make you feel less energetic and lethargic. (In fact, the exact opposite is true.) Since fat is the most energy dense food, giving you 9 calories on energy per gram (other food types give you 4), and fiber which is virtually indigestible and thus adds no extra calories, foods that are low in fat and high in fiber are said to have a lower energy density.

In studies longer than 6 months however, consuming low energy dense foods (low fat and high fiber) was associated with 3 times the weight loss compared to those that consumed low fat only (-3.4 kg versus -1.0 kg).

Therefore the best foods to eat to lose weight seem to be those that are low in fat and high in fiber. This is quite different to the average western diet which comprises of high energy density foods such as those high in fat and low in fiber which are usually meats and low fiber baked goods. This is the same reason why those in western societies such as Australia and the US, often suffer from obesity which usually turns into a health crisis.

Consuming a diet low in fat and high in fiber is all about eating many serves of fruits and vegetables, and eating more foods that contain whole grains. To boost fiber intake, take a fiber supplement with a glass of water 15 minutes or so before a meal. This also increases the feeling of fullness since the fiber binds to the water. A high fiber and low fat diet allows you not only lose weight faster, but also helps prevent many of today's modern health complications.


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REFERENCE: Nutr. Rev. , 59:247-258,2001
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